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How to Become Fearless? Learn The Realities

How To Become Fearless? Explore the 3 Hard Realities

In this article, I will explore the 3 Hard Realities of “How To Become Fearless?,” as dealt with beautifully by Kavya Budhiraja on the YouTube channel “Being Krishna Conscious.”

Let me give you a quick overview of “Being Krishna Conscious”:

“Being Krishna Conscious” is dedicated to spreading profound insights and the utmost wisdom found in India’s Vedic Scriptures. Our goal is to bring you even closer to the sublime information contained in these ancient works.

How To Become Fearless? Understand the 3 Hard Realities

Jai Shree Krishna

Kavya Budhiraja; How To Become Fearless? Understand the 3 Hard Realities

How To Become Fearless?

By Kavya Budhiraja


Fearlessness is a virtue that people aim to gain on their spiritual journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. In this episode of ‘Being Krishna Conscious,’ we explore a fascinating idea presented by Kavya Budhiraja. She investigates the idea that our biggest enemy and greatest friend are both within ourselves, dwelling in our imaginations. Here, we explore a method for overcoming fear by utilizing the power of the mind.

“Hare Krishna everyone my name is Kavya Budhiraja and welcome back to “Being Krishna Conscious” today I will be sharing one trick with you with which we all can become Fearless now what is that trick with which we all can become Fearless, it is Who is our greatest enemy and our greatest friend? It is our mind.”

The Role of the Mind

In the Video “How To Become Fearless?”Kavya starts by underlining how important our brains are in our desire for fearlessness. She claims that our brains have the ability to either elevate us to a state of permanent fearlessness or bind us with concerns and apprehensions. Kavya uses the compelling story of Prahlad Maharaj to demonstrate this idea.

so what do we have to tell our mind? Oh dear mind, WORSHIP. Nanda is Nanda Maharaj. And Nanda Nandan means the son of Nanda Maharaj, who is Sri Krishna, that BalGopal Krishna whose Lotus feet are the Abode of fearlessness. Oh dear mind always think about that son of Nanda Maharaja who can give you Eternal fearlessness the best example for this is Prahalad Maharaj.

Table 1: The Fearlessness of Prahlad Maharaj

Hiranyakashipu’s AggressionPrahlad Maharaj faced the wrath of his father, the demon Hiranyakashipu, who sought to eliminate him due to his devotion to Lord Vishnu and propagation of Krishna Consciousness.
Facing Poisonous SnakesHiranyakashipu attempted to poison Prahlad by locking him in a room filled with deadly snakes.
The Cliff IncidentGuards were ordered to throw Prahlad off a cliff, questioning his fearlessness.
Prahlad’s ResponsePrahlad’s response revealed his unwavering faith: ‘This Earth is the wife of Vishnu, and Vishnu is my father. If you throw me into the lap of my mother, will the child laugh or be scared?’
Miraculous OutcomeTo everyone’s astonishment, Prahlad emerged unharmed, chanting ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya.
3 Hard Realities of How To Become Fearless?
3 Hard Realities of How To Become Fearless? Krisha

Prahlad’s remarkable story showcases the power of unwavering devotion and surrender to the divine, emphasizing the significance of surrenderance to the Lotus feet of Krishna.

“Prahalad Maharaj was just a child but his father the demon Hiranyikashipu wanted to kill prahlad why because he was just chanting the names of Vishnu he was chanting Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya and because he was preaching about Krishna Consciousness as a result Hiranyikashipu wanted to kill little prahlad he pushed him into a room full of poisonous snakes he wanted to throw him off the cliff and while the guards were throwing prahlad from the cliff.”

Srila Prabhupada’s Example

Kavya uses the inspiring example of Srila Prabhupada to further highlight the concept of surrender and fearlessness. Despite being 70 years old, Srila Prabhupada shown unrivaled determination to carry out his Guru Maharaj’s instructions. His journey to America on the cargo ship Jalduta was fraught with difficulties, including two heart attacks, but he remained unfazed.

do you know what did prahlad say? the guards asked pralad prahlad are you not scared? are you not fearful? we’ll be throwing you off this big hill prahlad said “this Earth she is the wife of Vishnu. Vishnu is my father. Krishna says Vishnu is my father and this Earth is the wife of My Father which means this Earth is my mother and if you are throwing me into the lap of my mother will the child laugh or will the child be scared?” the guards were shocked and sure enough when prahlad was thrown off the cliff nothing happened

Table 2: Srila Prabhupada’s Fearless Journey

Meeting Sumathi MorarjiSrila Prabhupada’s persistent efforts to convince Sumathi Morarji, the in charge of a cargo ship, to allow him to travel to the United States.
Sumathi Morarji’s ConcernsSumathi Morarji expressed concerns about Srila Prabhupada’s age and the cold climate in America.
Prabhupada’s Bold ResponseSrila Prabhupada’s unwavering determination: ‘I am very bold, bold enough to fulfill the instructions of my Guru Maharaj.’
Heart Attacks on JaldutaSrila Prabhupada suffered two heart attacks during his voyage on the Jalduta cargo ship.”
3 Hard Realities of How To Become Fearless?

Srila Prabhupada’s unyielding faith and surrender to the Lotus feet of Krishna serve as an enduring example of how fear can be kept at bay even in the face of adversity.

to him he was just chanting Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya so this is the importance of surrenderance Srila Prabhupada always stressed you need to surrender unto the Lotus feet of Krishna let us take the example of Srila Prabhupada himself at the age of 70 he was sitting outside the office of a lady who was that lady that lady was Sumathi Morarji.

Watch The Video of How to Become Fearless? By Miss Kavya

The Three Key Insights

Kavya then imparts three essential insights for achieving fearlessness in life:

1. Recognizing Krishna as the Controller

Kavya reminds us that while we often perceive ourselves as the controllers of our lives, the reality is quite different. We lack control over fundamental aspects of existence, such as digestion and respiration. Accepting Krishna as the ultimate controller is the first step toward fearlessness.

Sumathi Morarji was the in charge of a cargo ship which was going to the United States of America. Srila Prabhupada used to come outside her office and he used to sit there for the whole day just to talk to Sumathi Morarji and always requested her to please let him go through her cargo ship but Sumathi Morarji always refused she used to tell Srila Prabhupada prabhupada you are of the age of my father your very old and America is very cold you will die Sumathi Morarji said Prabhupada you’re very old and America is very cold.

2. Utilizing Our Gifts in Krishna’s Service

Every individual possesses unique talents and gifts bestowed by Krishna. Kavya stresses the importance of using these gifts for Krishna’s service. Just as offering a piece of chocolate to a loved one brings joy, offering our talents to Krishna can lead to eternal happiness.

Prabhupada replied replied but I am very bold, bold enough that I shall fulfill at least I shall try to fulfill the instructions of my Guru Maharaj and keeping the instructions of his Maharaja in his mind and with complete surrender unto the Lotus feet of Krishna fear could not even touch Srila Prabhupada.

3. Accepting Krishna’s Will

Finally, Kavya reminds us that Krishna can take away anything at any time. Surrendering our ego, which falsely convinces us of our control, allows us to understand the deeper purpose behind life’s events and challenges.

prabhupada suffered two heart attacks while he was on jaladuta. jalduta was the name of that cargo ship which took prabhupada from India to United States of America he suffered two heart attacks on the ship Srila Prabhupada has taught us with his own personal example so what is the trick? that trick is to take shelter of that personality whose Lotus feet provide us fearlessness.

In The conclusion Of How to Become Fearless? Kavya Budhiraja’s insights on becoming fearless through the power of the mind and surrender to Krishna provide a profound perspective on life’s challenges and opportunities. By embracing these teachings and recognizing Krishna as the ultimate source of fearlessness, we can navigate life’s uncertainties with unwavering faith and courage, just as Prahlad Maharaj and Srila Prabhupada did. Let us strive to cleanse the mirror of our hearts and embark on a path of fearlessness and spiritual enlightenment.

Let me tell you three things that we should always keep in mind first- Krishna is the controller We all think that we are the controllers but are we the controllers? is it in our hands that we can control our digestion? can we control our respiration? can we control other people? before controlling others let me ask you can we even control ourselves? One night before we are very drunk we are determined that from Tomorrow onwards I will be waking up at 4 AM every day but can we control that? 05:36 The next morning again we watch the alarm clock and it’s eight o’clock in the morning so it’s very hard to even control ourselves how can we think that we can control our surroundings? so first thing is Krishna is the controller the second thing is there is a purpose why Krishna has given certain things to us If you have been given a talent then there is a purpose why Krishna has given you that Talent so we should utilize that particular gift that we have got in the service of Krishna 06:14 let’s take the example if my father brings me chocolate that chocolate is for me but out of love if I break one piece from that chocolate and if I offer it to my father won’t my father be happy? he will be very happy similarly when we offer the thing that has been given to us by Krishna When we offer that thing to Krishna, Krishna also becomes very happy and that is the key to our Eternal happiness because we are trying to connect with the source of our origin which is Krishna sarvakaran karanam he is the source of everything 06:54 and the third thing Krishna can snatch away anything at any time it’s very hard to accept but this is the reality it is not in our control that when our relative would be leaving us for the Heavenly Abode it is not in our control when any other person would come and claim the plot of my land it is not in my control so it is by the sweet wish of Krishna that he can snatch away anything which he has given to us so what is the problem? the real problem is the ego We all have an ego which stops us from thinking that Krishna 07:37 is the controller Our ego tells us “Oh Kavya you are the controller it should happen as per your wish” So the moment we give up this ego we will be able to understand the real image the real world the real reason behind everything we have to clean up the mirror of our heart so just tell your mind that o mind forget about everything and think about that Krishna who is the source of fearlessness and that is the way with which we all can become Fearless Hare Krishna Jai Srila Prabhupada”

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