3 June, 2024
Mizo To English Translation

Mizo To English Translation Part #1

Mizo To English

In This Article we are Going to see The Most Usefull And Daily Used Some Sentences Traslation: Mizo To English

mizo to english translation

“How are you?” in mizo language:

I Dam Em?

I Love you” in mizo language:

Ka hmangaih che.

“I Miss you” in mizo language:

Ka ngai che.

what are you doing?” in mizo language:

Engnge I Tih?

“Thank You” In Mizo Language:

Ka lawm e.

Good Morning” in Mizo Language:

Tukchhuah Nuam Le.

You are beautiful” in mizo language:

I Mawi a ni”

“Hello” In Mizo Language:


“Good Night” In Mizo Language:


“I like you” In mizo Language:

Ka duh che

“You Are Beautifull” In Mizo Language:

I hmelthal

How to say how are you?” in mizo language:

I Dam Em?

“My Love” In Mizo Language:

ka hmangaih

“Hi” in Mizo Language:


“Welcome” In Mizo Language:


“What Is Your Name” in mizo Language:

Tunge I hming?

“I am Fine” In Mizo Language:

ka tha e

“Bye” In Mizo Laguage:


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